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This is the home page of brianpavlac.org, an organizational page for Brian Alexander Pavlac.

Brian A. Pavlac is Professor of History and Chair of the History Department at King's College, Wilkes-Barre PA. He currently holds a Herve A. LeBlanc Distinguished Service Professorship in honor of his work for academia, the college, and the community. His special research interests are Medieval Germany, prince-bishops of the Holy Roman Empire (including Nicholas of Cusa), and the Witch Hunts. On these subjects he has authored three academic books and a number of articles, book chapters, book reviews, and encylcopedia entries. He has lived and studied abroad as a student with his alma mater Bowling Green State University in Salzburg, on a Fulbright Grant in Bonn, and as a director with his alma mater Notre Dame in Innsbruck. The Rev. Brian Pavlac also serves the Diocese of Bethlehem as supply clergy and is an associate priest at St. Stephen's Pro-Cathedral in Wilkes-Barre.

To see my academic work, go to staff.kings.edu/bapavlac/.

To see my published books go to bapavlac.com/books.

To consider some political issues refer to brianpavlac.org/politics.

To view info on my Christian work go to therev.brianpavlac.org.

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A Concise Survey of Western Civilization: Supremacies and Diversities throughout History. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2011. Website:<ConciseWesternCiv.com>

Witch Hunts in the Western World from the Inquisition through the Salem Trials. Westport, CT: ABC-Clio, 2009 or Lincoln, NB: Bison Books, 2010.

A Warrior Bishop of the 12th Century: The Deeds of Albero of Trier, by Balderich. Translated, with an introduction and notes by Brian A. Pavlac. Medieval Sources in Translation 44. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 2008.



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Last revised 5 May 2013